Pasta Drainer Jar

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  • High quality food grade plastic, non-toxic and tasteless material
  • Free your hands: Make super easy and quick work of filtering water within seconds.
  • Humanized Design: with insulated handle--this makes it efficient and easy to operate!
  • Easy to clean under the running water.
  • Simple design and multi-function: it also can filter vegetable.


  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Clear
  • Size: 31.5x11.2x11.2cm/12.4x4.41x4.41in


  • Step 1. place your pasta in a container and cover it with boiling water, and then install the self-locking filter on the hot lid.
  • Step 2. your pasta will now cook at the perfect temperature, whether it is to watch or continue your day in surprise. without stirring, stick or burn!
  • Step 3. when ready, remove the heat cap and drain it easily.
  • Step 4. you go! perfect pasta, no worries! with your favorite sauce, we like to pick tomato sauce with fresh basil.
  • Step 5. now, this is the time that everyone does not like most. washed. but don't be afraid! pasta-free surface means no sticky, hard-to-clean pasty residue. just put it in the dishwasher!