FUCK OFF Embroidery Eye Mask with Free Ear Plugs

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F*ck Off Eye Mask

Sleep is precious, so protect it with this ‘F*ck Off Mask’!

If you like to get straight to the point, this mask is the perfect treat, or give as a gift for someone who doesn’t mince their words. It’s highly unlikely anyone will dare disturb you when wearing this hilarious mask.

This pink eye mask has a funky design, giving it a stylish and sassy look (in more ways than one), along with the text ‘f*ck off’ which ensures a peaceful sleep without having to utter a word!

The perfect mask to wear at home - kids, siblings, and partners beware! - or on the go (especially long train or plane journeys), this mask will give your fellow passengers a laugh, whilst ensuring they stay quiet, just in case!

Guarantee an undisturbed sleep with this awesome ‘F*ck off’ eye mask!


Sleeping eye mask
One size fits all 18*8.5CM