Artificial Wedding Venue Flower Wall

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  • Beautiful flower wall for background decoration
  • Durable back panels which is easy to handle, construct and store for reuse
  • Ideal for wedding venue decor, candy wall, photo areas, flower pillar, main road, home, shop window, showcase, party, stage decor etc


  • Material: Silk
  • Size: Approx. 60*40cm/23.62*15.75''


  • The back of the flower wall is a grid. So you can easily link the walls together. We recommend doing it with cable ties, or pinning to the wall directly with hooks or nails.
  • You could also build your own frame to hang the flower wall if you couldn't attach them straight to the wall.

Artificial Flowers Maintenance Methods:

  • It is inevitable that flowers will stack together in transport, please take the flowers out and shake them gently to restore the appearance.
  • Sometimes flowers in the transport process may have small leaves drop, you can plug them in the bouquet by yourself.
  • Artificial flowers will be sticky to the dust if you do not care for a long time, please blow off the dust with a hair dryer, or rinse with water and then air-dried.
  • Some small leaves and flowers are not suitable for washing, it is recommended to wipe with a wet cloth on them.