Electrical Heating Shiatsu Back Neck Massager EU Plug

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1.Intelligent keys: Easy to use

  • One button to turn on/off
  • One button to change the message direction
  • One button to start the infrared heating function

2.Smart safety protection: Automatic power off at too high temperature
3.Eight massage balls: Jade-like carbon fiber, massage fully in place
4. With power adapter and car charger: Can be used at home or in car


Material: Leather+Nylon mesh
Voltage: DC 12V/ AC 100-240V 50-60Hz
Power: 20W

Usage instructions
1. Connect the output port of power adapter to the massager plug. If used in the car, connect the output port of
cigarette lighter to the massager plug.
2. Press the power switch of the control panel. The massager starts to work.
3. Press the direction button, the massager's heads rotate in reverse repeatedly.
4. Press the infrared button, start the infrared heating function.
5. After use, turn off the massager then disconnect the plug.

Package Includes:

1 piece Massager
1 piece Car charger
1 piece Power adapter
1 piece User manual